Going to Miranda Hot Pools has been a tradition in my family since before I was born. Unfortunately I will be in no rush to get there again anytime soon. I visited during the school holidays with my parents and children and was offended when I had barely stepped a foot in the gate before a “lifeguard” accosted me and told me at least three times that my children had to be supervised and that I would be suprised at how many people wanted their children to drown (YES, you read correctly). I am definitely not against the rule of child supervision around water, but when you have a sign before you enter the property; a piece of paper handed to you when you pay; multiple signs around the pool; people blaring it over the speaker as well as someone in your face assuming you have come to swim but not to look after your own kids… well it’s just a bit too much. I heard a rumour that there was a tragedy there recently, so can understand the emphasis on safety but there needs to be a balance of precaution and trust when it comes to your customers enjoying a day poolside with the family. At the time I felt uncomfortable with my welcome, so I thought the best thing to do would be to let the “lifeguard” know – perhaps he wasn’t aware of how invasive his approach was. Afterall, how many other customers have felt the same way but not said anything? Well, to cut a long story short my mother and I were called ‘hoity toity’ by one of their staff and patronised by another. My initial approach to them was not threatening or in anger, but by the time I walked away I was very upset. We stayed for about 40 minutes (as my children thoroughly enjoy the place) and during that time not one of their staff came to follow up or apologise. Is the customer not allowed to provide feedback on service without abuse and anger being given back to them?? If I don’t take my children there it will not be a tradition for them and you have just lost a generation of customers from my family.