Pool Photos

Tarawera Hot Springs [CLOSED] : "Before the springs closed" (Sheldon)

Deception River Hot Springs (Lost?] : "The pond is full of bacteria" (Yicheng Su)

Te Rata Bay (Hot Water Beach) : "Showing Mooring Posts For Boaties, Taken on top of rock by campsite 26." (Tony G)

The Tubs : "The creek was dammed high enough to form a shallow pool. It was lovely and warm." (John)

Oasis Motel & Holiday Park : "Supplied by management" (Oasis Motel)

Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel : "Lower pool with gravel base" (Bevan 2)

Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel : "Lower riverside pool" (Bevan)

Okoroire Hot Springs Hotel : "Top pool, formally enclosed prior to recent redevelopment." (Bevan)

Wren Creek Hot Springs, Cedar Flats : "Small pool dug below the main hot springs. Small flow down from the main pool keeps this one a perfect temperature. Tip: bring a shovel and this could be dug out." (Riley James)